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House of the thakurs anglicised to tagore in jorasanko, north kolkata, west bengal, india, is the ancestral home of the tagore family. See all 6 jorasanko thakur bari tours on tripadvisor. The bengali name for the house of the thakurs, the jorasanko thakur bari is the ancestral home of the tagore family that is located in jorasanko, in the north of kolkata in west bengal in india. We recommend booking jorasanko thakur bari tours ahead of time to secure your spot. This is a charming and energizing spot to visit, particularly for admirers of history and bengali writing. Buddhadeb dasgupta won the award for the best direction for the year 2001 for the film jorasanko thakurbari for artistically unfolding the history of the house of the tagores.

Etymology of jorasanko thakur bari jorasanko thakur bari received its name from the twin shankar or shiva temples which are addressed as jora shankar existing in the vicinity of the thakurbari. For those of you who dont know, jorasanko is the ancestral home of the nobel laureate rabindranath tagore, situated in kolkata, west bengal. Jul 27, 2015 jorasanko thakur bari, kolkata overview. Jorasanko thakur bari kolkata, india location, facts. Kolkata itinerary firsttimers travel guide to the city of. This particular house belonged to the large tagore joint family. Jorasanko thakur bari kolkata calcutta 2020 all you. It takes you into the world of the tagores their history you get ingrossed into their lives the superstitions, the royal grandeur, and interesting to know about their past the pirelli brahmin stain in their ancestory. The son et lumiere at jorasanko, tagores ancestral home, is an awesome, illuminating and fascinating spectacle covering the life and. Today, its located in on rabindra bharati university campus.

Kolkata, formerly called, calcutta is the cultural capital of india, and a gateway to the eastern part of the country. I recommend you to read at least a couple of books from tagores. Jorasanko thakurbari is the place where nobel laureate rabindranath tagore born. It is the house in which the poet and first noneuropean nobel laureate, rabindranath tagore was born.

Jorasanko thakurbari or rabindranath tagore house in kolkata is the pride and pilgrimage of kolkata. Prince dwarkanath built this house in the eighteenth century. Jorasanko thakurbari museum is the home to 2071 books, 770 journals, 16 painting, 3297 photographs, 27 crafts and sculptures, 208 personalia and 53 pieces of furniture. From howrah station take a cab any bus which goes towards. Rabindranath tagore house in kolkata jorasanko thakurbari. Jorasanko by aruna chakravarti goodreads share book. Jorasanko at a time when the struggle for a world that is safe for women is in the news, here is a book that is timely, even as it retells history. It is the ancestral house of the tagore family but presently a museum maintained by the government. Jorasanko thakurbari, rabindranath tagores ancestral home in. For the famous jorasanko thakur bari tagore house, see jorasanko. Jorasanko thakur bari kolkata pictures, timings, history. The collection of tagores creations makes this museum one of the most popular tourist attractions for people from india, and abroad. Daughters of jorasanko book launch by harper broadcast. Know when is jorasanko thakur bari kolkata closed or open and see best timings for visit.

Apr 21, 2017 popularly known as the jorasanko thakurbari, rabindranath tagores ancestral house is now a museum dedicated to the life and works of the nobel laureate. Dec 28, 2017 jorasanko thakurbari kolkata open hours. Before rabindranath tagore made headlines for his literary art, his ancestors have been basking in glory for several decades. Jorasanko thakur bari seems to be an illuminating place to tour. It also has striking images of the grand mansions built by leading families, such as the jorasanko thakurbari, home to the tagore family, juxtaposed against photos of the urban sprawl. Jorasanko thakur bari kolkata calcutta 2020 all you need to. Jorasanko thakur bari in jorasanko, north kolkata, west bengal, india, is the ancestral home. It is the house in which rabindranath tagore was born and spent most of his childhood. Jorasanko is a neighbourhood of north kolkata, in kolkata district, west bengal, india. History of jorasanko thakur bari rabindranath tagores ancestral house the jorashanko thakurbari was the ancestral home of the tagore family. A must visit place in kolkata, located at cr avenue. At thakurbari, history comes alive as you stare in awe at the chair where tagore would sit and write.

Jorasanko takes you into the bengal renaissance time. Jorasanko thakurbari is famous due to the members of the tagore family, who were themselves stalwarts of their era. Jan 18, 2018 jorasanko thakurbari, the ancestral home of nobel laureate rabindra tagore in kolkata now has its own light and sound show. Set amidst the backdrop of the bengal renaissance, jorasanko is a book that delves deeper into the larger tagore family, especially its enterprising women. May 23, 2016 this calcutta heritage walk takes you through the megapolis history strongly rooted in the british raj days of india. Jorasanko thakurbari it is believed that, the plot of land on which dwarkanath built the graceful building, was donated by the famous sheth family of burrabazar.

Jorasanko thakurbari, rabindranath tagores bari a scoop. Rabindranath tagore was born and breathed his last in jorasanko thakurbari. It is so called because of the two jora wooden or bamboo bridges sanko that spanned a small stream at this point. Rabindranath tagore was renowned for his contribution in field of poetry and literature. Book your tickets online for jorasanko thakur bari, kolkata. Jorasanko thakurbarijorasanko thakurbari, the ancestral home of nobel laureate rabindranath tagore, encapsulates the history of an era, of a gargantuan personality who towers over modern india and the idea of the nation even now. Jan 26, 2020 this is a short travel guide and a suggestive kolkata itinerary to prepare you for your first visit to the city of joy. At thakurbari, history comes alive as you stare in awe at the chair. Everyone who has studied indian history would know that tagore came from the family of zamindars or landlords. Jun 08, 2018 built in 1785, the jorasanko thakur bari is spread over 35000 square meters. This is the world in which aruna chakravarti sets daughters of jorasanko, a historical novel about life in jorasanko thakurbaris andar mahal. Jorasanko thakur bari kolkata calcutta updated april.

Jorasanko thakur bari kolkata calcutta all you need. The rabindra bharati museum has a total collection of 2071 books, 770 journals. A 10minute walk from the famed jorasanko thakurbari, the ancestral home of rabindranath tagore, is the former residence of another branch of the tagore family, in pathuriaghata in the northern part of the city. The mansion, one of the heritage buildings of kolkata, had started from a small house, and slowly the different wings and alleys were added to the original architecture. The programme will mark the inauguration of the ahiritola sutanuti heritage trust formed by a small group of heritage enthusiasts from various walks of life to conserve the history of the city.

Early 19th century, saw the jorasanko thakur bari thriving in an affluent manner. Jorasanko thakurbari, rabindranath tagores residence, is now a place of historical and art significance. Book your tickets online for jorasanko thakur bari, kolkata calcutta. History of jorasanko thakur bari rabindranath tagores ancestral house. Jorasanko thakur bari kolkata 2020 what to know before. Jun 23, 2016 a visit to jorasanko thakurbari 23 jun jorasanko thakur bari. Rabindranath tagores ancestral home which was built in 1784 now houses the rabindra bharati museum which is locally called the jorasankho thakurbari. Jorasanko thakur bari tagore house in kolkata backpack. Jul 11, 2018 his contribution to the society in the form of books, poems, songs are alive in the hearts of each individual. Sep 23, 2019 history of tagore family of jorasanko thakur bari. It was british who were responsible for creating the city of calcutta along with mumbai on the western coast and to an extent madras on the eastern coast. Kolkata photowalk jorasanko thakur bari home of the. People would be amazed to see 700 paintings, various manuscripts, collection of books and other etiquette items of him. The home, which is also a campus of rabindra bharati university already has a museum in its premises and addition of this newly installed 3d art shows are expected to attract more footfall and make it more appealing to younger generations.

Jorasanko thakur bari, kolkata is located in jorasanko, is the ancestral home of the tagore family. The bengali name for the house of the thakurs, the jorasanko thakur bari is the tribal home of the tagore family that is situated in jorasanko, in the north of kolkata in west bengal in india. Apart from the distinguished seat of the tagore family, traditionally known as the jorasanko thakur bari, it was also home of the singhas including kaliprasanna singha, the pals including krishnadas pal, and the families of dewan banarasi ghosh, gokul chandra daw, narsingha chandra daw, prafulla chandra gain, and chandramohan chatterji. Chakravarti suggests that she gathered enough valuable information from several books available on the jorasanko branch of tagore family started. Location of jorasanko thakur bari rabindranath tagores ancestral house the house and museum is located near girish park on chittaranjan avenue. May 08, 2007 jorasanko thakurbari rabindranath tagore. It is currently located on the rabindra bharati university campus at 64 dwarakanath tagore lane jorasanko, kolkata 700007. This is the house where tagore was born, spent a large part of his life and breathed his last.

If you book with tripadvisor, you can cancel up to 24 hours before your tour starts for a full refund. In a sprawling novel that spans a unique phase in the history of bengal and india. Today the building houses rabindra bharati university, inaugurated by pandit jawaharlal nehru on gurudevs birth centenary, 8 may 1962. Find the perfect jorasanko thakur bari stock photo. This was the place where he spend most of his life, so it is known as the jorasanko thakurbari or house of the thakurtagore. Jorasanko thakurbari house of the thakurs kolkata timings. It also has a splendid museum, known as the rabindra bharati museum, that was established in 1961. Jorasanko thakur bari timings, entry time, opening timings, visiting hours and time table of opening hours and closing days for 20. Joanne taylor who has written a book on the forgotten palaces of calcutta was spell bound by the jorasanko thakur bari. Rabindranath tagores jorasanko abode in tatters kolkata. Brush with kolkata jorasanko thakurbari visit inditales. The history of jorasanko thakur bari goes back to 1784 when a piece of land was gifted to nilmoni tagore on the east side of chitpur road after he left his family home due to irreconcilable disputes within the family. The name jorashanko was probably abbreviated from jora shankar, the twin shankar or shiva temples located nearby. Now in the front section of the thakurbari rabindra bharati university has been established.

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