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Cable companies themselves or some other manufacturers who specialize only in joints offer jointing kits. Furthermore, we produce associated joints, terminations and other accessories for all types of cables. The products are designed to work together as a cable system. Landing station is in charge for fiber testing after the fiber splice is completed and rectified. Power cables are used for power transmission and distribution purpose. Polyepr power cables suggested installation equipment not supplied with kit. We have to use these kits whenever we need a joint. The fist step for the cabling system is selection of cable sizes. For jointing of a cable variety of inline adapters and connectors are. It is the 580 km long norned cable between norway and the netherlands.

Raychem medium voltage joints offer a reliable, fast and easytoinstall jointing system to assure and maintain high network reliability in the most severe conditions and under high electrical, thermal, mechanical and environmental stress. Uk power networks 33kv jointing manual i 2012 section 2 i page 1 2 jointing instructions the following sections contain tables which detail the joint kits required to complete particular types of joint for all the cable sizes listed. Euromold provides a complete range of accessories for underground cables. This qualification provides the skill and knowledge to work in the electricity supply industry esi as a cable jointer.

This is a straight joint used for small solid cables. Jointing of power cables should be as simple as twisting and taping the wire. Dielectric power loss factors tan for typical cable insulations are. Cable ship is in charge to test the processed two ends of the submarine cable before the formal jointing operation. Ltht power cables, installation, jointing, termination, testing. Made from lsr, delivering better electrical performance. Installation, testing and jointing of lt and ht power cables up to. Power cable jointing pdf mines quarries joints for power, signal telephone cables see 11. It is used for transmission and distribution of electrical power. Pdf defects in cable joints, induced in the process of manufacturing or assembling, can alter the distribution of the electrical field seriously. Distances inside the cable joint body can be checked easily. Abb xlpe land cable systems 3 introduction interfaces you can trust abb manufactures land and submarine power cables up to the highest voltages available. High voltage xlpe cable systems technical user guide. Pdf d8012 raychem cable jointing kit raychem joint procedure kit raychem joint kit raychem joint kit heatshrinkable raychem joint procedure pps 30 raychem joint raychem epp raychem raychem flexible cable joint kit.

The general voltage levels covered by this publication are. Landing station is in charge for fiber testing after completion of the insulation joint molding. Hv cablepower provide high quality cable jointing to the high voltage electrical industry. Skilled cable jointers carry out live works safely every day, following extremely strict procedures. In general, cable systems have lower fault rates and lower maintenance requirements than overhead lines. Turn the pages to discover cable splicing and termination techniques that can help reduce the risk of errors that could cause premature electrical failures and. At hv cablepower we pride ourselves on providing a full and. Underground power cables cable jointing pit high voltage underground cables the cable cables buried directly in trefoil formation. Specification for cable accessories, termination and jointing materials for underground electrical power cables for nominal system voltage up to 33kv check this is the latest process zone version before use. Heat shrinkable cable jointing kits for jointing xlpe products a z.

Contractor shall take back all the cable drums from site after successful laying, testing and commissioning of cables. The connector is compressed on the two cable ends to be joined. High voltage xlpe cable systems techincal user guide brugg cables page 2 content 1. The coupling fields characteristics of cable joints and. Power cables for nominal system voltage up to 33kv. The three power cable ducts are then placed on the bed of cbm4 in the formation. Power systems distribution cable jointing date this document was generated. This qualification covers the laying, installation and maintenance of deenergised low voltage lv and high voltage hv underground polymeric cables and installation and maintenance of electrical equipment and jointing and maintaining energised lv. The reliability of these technologies are proven for voltages up to 33kv. Xlpe 1,5 to 3,5 104 epr 10 to 30 104 oil cable 18 to 30 104. Uet30812 certificate iii in esi power systems distribution cable jointing date this document was generated.

Page 1 of 3 scotchcast flexible power cable jointing kits. Below is an az of the cable jointing products and supplies which we have available. Primarily, a heat shrink cable joint provides electrical insulation, mechanical protection and stress control for high voltage power cables integral also to the cable joint design is the requirement to prevent water ingress into the cables. Complete range of cable preparation and jointing tools for lvehv underground power cables, fibre optic and overhead lines, this includes multifunction and. The range of voltage and capacity of power transmitted through cables is showing a steady increase over the years. Mv heat shrink cable jointing kits 3m heat shrink mv splice kit offers reliability and flexibility to meet the demands of cable network operators. The power conductors should be staggered to reduce the overall diameter of the completed splice.

These include three main types of wire splices, soldering and other devices, such. Conductor strand shield insulation insulation shield system semiconductive and metallic jacket each component is vital to an optimally performing power cable and must be understood in. Electrical power cables may be installed as permanent. Enhancing the reliability of cable networks cable accessories. Indoor and outdoor applications at temperatures from 10c. Power cable jointing accessories,heat shrink cable. Mv cable accessories installation best practice pdf ensto. Jointing of all portable power cable and portable cords, listed as follows, shall be performed in accordance with the instructions included with the scotchcast flexible power cable jointing kit 81f1, 82f2 or 82bf1. Power cable accessories under the wellestablished brand name raychem, raychem rpg offers a comprehensive range of cable accessories for all cable types. The kit provides a lightweight, compact, and environmentally sealed system for splicing extruded dielectric shielded power cables. The power cable jointing systems can be straight through for xlpe to xlpe or pilc to pilc cable and can be transition cable joint type for connection of xlpe to pilc cable. Cable systems form an important part of electrical power transmission and distribution networks, carrying electric energy to areas as an alternative to overhead lines. All necessary dimensions, including kit application range, cable preparation are given in the detailed jointing instruction.

The narrow smooth profile design of the 3m cold shrink epdm tube allows more cables to be bunched together on cable tray, or in cable duct, without the problem of snagging, allowing for both horizontal and vertical jointing of cables. We stock the full range of klauke and greenlee tooling and cable handling equipment. Impacts of different defects on electrical field distribution in cable joint. Cable ship or landing station is in charge for fiber testing after the joint box. Conduct high potential testing of power system underground power cables 50 uettdris60a. Tes heat shrink components will remain reliable for years in the field. Jointing tech, as the uks leading specialist power cable and accessories distributor, as well as the associate companies within our group, are here to help you achieve your goals and we look forward to being part of your future success. Cold shrink jointing accessories cable jointing kits. Page 1 of 61 specification ets 140201 ver 1 ergon energy corporation limited abn 50 087 646 062. Cold shrink tubes and 3m technology are applied to cable joints, terminations. Cable joint as the name implies, join the tail end of the first cable and the head end of the second cable.

Any indentations existing are filled, preferably with semiconducting tape strips. We provied our services throughout australia and worldwide. Wires form the foundation of a circuit and joining them together is an essential part of making a circuit work. Although initial risk assessments would include consideration of electrical water damage, such as cable flood damage, the requirement to deliver mediumhigh voltage power can necessitate cable exposure to potential flooding, condensation and water. Of power cables, control cables, telecommunication cables and overhead conductors in. Terminations for connection of cable to switchgear terminal, transformer terminal, poles etc. The basic principles of cable jointing and terminations construction of electrical power cables, different types of cables for various voltage ratings and manufacturing aspects different types of connectors and connection methods different methods of cable terminations and jointing and choosing an appropriate type for every application. It is an assembly of one or more individually insulated electrical conductors, usually held together with an overall sheath. Although initial risk assessments would include consideration of electrical water damage, such as cable flood damage, the requirement to deliver mediumhigh voltage power can necessitate cable. The most innovative utilities and industries around the world, including mining, marine, offshore and nuclear, use our power cable. A medium voltage insulated cable circuit consists of three single core cables or one three core cable with terminations at each end to connect it to the transformer or switchgear in the network. Power cable accessories catalogue jointing technologies. Cables multiple choice questions and answers preparation. Hv cablepower wa high voltage power solutions cable.

Cable jointing training and development centre chennai introduction the cable jointing training and development centre was established in the year 1962. Subscribe now to our power newsletterpacked with news, projects, videos, technical tips, training information, promotions, webinars, career opportunities and white papers includes access to our popular jointers blog with contributions from utility professionals, linesmen and cable jointers working on mv hv ehv cables and overhead lines typically at 11kv, 33kv, 66kv. Heat shrink power cable joints and splices provide excellent electrical and mechanical characteristics, in order to guarantee insulation, protection and sealing for cables and accessories. Practical hv cable jointing and terminations for engineers. Conductor strand shield insulation insulation shield system semiconductive and metallic jacket each component is vital to an optimally performing power cable and must be understood in order to make a dependable splice or termination. Within joints and terminations, conductor connectors are responsible for carrying the electric current between cables or between cable and other electrical. Our vast experience from submarine cable projects has made us an ideal supplier of cables for offshore oil and gas platforms as well as cables for offshore wind farms. Primary electrical insulation for all wire and cable joints and repairs. Environmental concerns, aesthetic issues, lack of transmission corridors and difficulty in routing overhead lines in crowded human habitats are some of the reasons for the explosive growth of cable technology well into the extra high voltage range.

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