Subscription codes for airtel data bundles for android

These plans are effective when you need to use data for only a few days for basic browsing, it is not suitable for android smartphones and iphones as they. If youre looking for information on airtel nigeria data plans, bundles, and their subscription codes, youre just on the right page. Airtel data plan, data bundle, airtel free data for 2019. The airtel bundles are called the smartspeedoo data plans and these plans are quite unique as they combine affordability with exciting variety. However, today you will get the complete list of airtel data plan, airtel data pack, data bundle, subscription codes, prices, night plan, how to share data and how to check data balance. Airtel nigerian android data bundle plans is the cheapest internet subscription plan. Airtel kenya has a wide range of tariffs, bundles and internet packages which are classified into daily, weekly and monthly plans that cater for individuals, small and medium enterprises, and corporates. This post therefore contains the subscription codes for the airtel android bundle. Listed below are all airtel data plans with their subscription codes. Mtn nigeria internet data bundle plans, subscription codes and prices airtel nigeria recently updated its data plan offers, and in this article, i will provide the lists of airtel current data plan along with the prices involved with each data plan, and the activation codes.

Airtel data plan is the main talk of today, tecbams will be talking about airtel data bundle plans for all androids and gadgets. Airtel night plan gives huge data allocation per cost. There is also a special airtel android data plan, just click the link to see it. Here is the list of every airtel data plan, airtel data pack, bundles, subscription codes and prices regularly updated and current. Like the name suggests, this airtel internet package gives access to trending apps like facebook, whatsapp and twitter. Airtel data plans and subscription codes for android in. No wonders, the airtel data bundle is currently the second cheapest in nigeria after glo data plan. In this piece, we intend to reveal all airtel data plans that are compatible with android phones with their validity, data cap and price. Subscribe and browse your favorite sites,download files,stream videos and stay connected with your friends.

Heres a list of updated airtel data plan including bundles, subscription codes, android data plan and how to check. Those who use blackberry should check out airtel blackberry data plans. Cheapest android data bundle plans for airtel, mtn, glo. Below are different types of data with their subscription codes. Airtel data plans, bundles, and how to subscribe the xplorion. Airtel has the following android data bundle plans to cater to the needs of various people. Airtel nigeria has improved from their notstraightforward blackberry plans to other affordable plans that are quite friendly for use on pc and android devices. Airtel has provided something for everyone so that every subscriber can enjoy an unlimited connection to the internet as he pleases. Even if you have an existing airtel data bundle, the night plan can be subscribed and used separately from your standard package. Airtel is one of the few telecommunications network in nigeria and many other african countries providing data. Its a way airtel uses to thank its data subscribers for staying on the network.

Maybe you are living in an area with good airtel network coverage. The android plans are not that bad at all are probably better than their current data bundles for blackberry. The airtel triple surf offer is another data package from airtel. Airtel data plan, subscription code, price, balance check, night plan. Today i will highlight all in the post so if you use laptops, phones and tablet devices, you can benefit from using airtel data bundles for your internet needs. Are you looking for the best and cheapest airtel data plans and there subscription code, this article contains all the airtel data plan 2020 as well as airtel data plan cheat. The airtel nigeria android data bundle plans seem to be the cheapest android internet subscription plan around. All airtel data plan prices and subscription code airtel bundles plan 73 comments once again, we are here providing you the best and cheapest data bundles plans for your android smartphones and pc, laptops for those using airtel nigeria. If youre in the airtel network then you already know that airtel has a lot of data plans and bundles.

But if youre using an android phone, it cost n for 1. Recently, we published cheapest data plans for all networks but we decided to narrow it down here for airtel users here on this page. See all data bundle plans from etisalat nigeria including their prices, data allocation, validity period. Here are full list of airtel tariff data plan that you can subscribe for. Low cost data plans designed for all your internet needs. The social plan is also known as the opera mini monthly plan and it gives you access to 250mb for 25 days. This plan is valid for 30 days and the data cap is 9gb. This offer targets kenyans from all walks of life that rely on making calls as their. Fortunately airtel has started offering cheap data plans for android devices so every android user could come alive with airtel just like the blackberry users. Whether youre looking to get internet access on your smartphone android, ios, etc. This one is also on top of my cheap airtel data plans list. Airtel has been one of the best internet service providers so far in nigeria with their mouthwatering plans ranging from their cheap android plans data, down to the blackberry bundles that work for every device i decided to make a comprehensive list of all internet data plans that airtel. Airtel data plan 2020 with full subscription code with airtel 4g data plan 2020. The following airtel data plans are the airtel smartspeedo plans valid for all devices.

It starts with the 2gb plan which goes for n2, 000 and extends to a 4. This is literally the cheapest airtel data plan bundle, youll get 30mb data cap for n100. Before we commence, it will be a good thing we make it known it to you who airtel. Below show a list of airtel android bundles, subscription codes and prices android 1. Full list of airtel data plan 2020 airtel 4g data plan updated list. The data bundle provided below can be used for laptop and desktop computers, tablets, android and other, phones including smart tvs. All airtel data plan prices and subscription code airtel. All airtel data plans, prices, and subscription codes. In this article, we will be listing out all the airtel subscription codes for all the data bundles that they currently have on their network.

Well keep you posted on this by updating this figures with new activation codes as soon as they are introduced. You will also get the chance to get the best data bundles and their codes on airtel network. The midnight plan is valid between 12 am and 5 am in a 24 hours period. These android bundles works on all smartphones running on android, apple, bb, windows. Airtel nigeria could have been listening all this while as they have introduced the airtel android bundle for android users. Airtel has finally yielded on dishing out an unlimited data plan. To check your airtel android data bundle on any of the options above. Airtel data plan complete 2019 subscription codes and. The data plans can be used on your desktop computers, your laptops, mobile devices like blackberry, android and lots more. Airtel data plan 2020 with full subscription code with airtel 4g data plan. I also shared with you, their subscription andor activation codes.

If youre looking and searching for the best airtel android data plan, including the airtel subscription code for your andriod or blackberry smart device, youve come to the right place. Today, fbl will be listing out the cheapest and almost all the current plans of airtel nigeria data bundles plans which is usable on android smartphones and pc. I really love their internet bundles as it is really fast to add to their pedigree. Airtel unlimited data plans and subscription codes in. Airtel now has a selection of data plans for android users, which is probably the reason for terminating the 4gb for n1,500 plan which they opened for all devices a while ago. Full list of airtel data plan 2020 airtel 4g data plan. Below show a list of airtel android bundles, subscription codes and prices. Airtel android bundles, subscription codes and price. Weekly plans are lifeline plan, you can use the time to stay online for the time being. Airtel data plan 2020 bundles prices, subscription codes. Subscription code for airtel 1gb data for 100 naira every weekend.

Airtel data plans with subscription code for all devices. Get subscription codes for seamless and unmetered browsing on android, pc, windows, mifi, modem etc. Airtel data plan for android and different android. This airtel data plan is designed as a reward for loyalty package. Airtel the airtel nigeria android data bundle plans seems to be the very cheapest android internet subscription plan around.

Airtel has many different data plans tailored to different groups of individuals and needs. Having discussed all the airtel data plans in 2020 and the subscription codes to activate them, we will now briefly talk about how to check your data balance. Airtel nigeria internet data bundle plans and subscription. All airtel data plans, prices, and subscription codes are you looking affordable and cheapest airtel data plans. Here comes airtel data bundle plans and the subscription codes. These airtel 2020 data plan can be used on any device be it blackberry, android. All airtel data plan prices and subscription code airtel bundles plan. Below are weekly, biweekly, monthly opera bundle and their subscription codes. You will also see the prices, subscription and activation codes, data allowance and validity periods.

Airtel nigeria recently launched a new data plan which designed to help you get more from your android device the airtel android bundle gives you monthly access to bbm, whatsapp, twitter and facebook and all other apps running on your android. Airtel is one of the largest and best mobile networks in nigeria and it offers competitive data plans and bonuses compared to other networks like mtn and etisalat, the data can be used on smartphones such as android, blackberry and iphone, the data bundles can also be used to browse and download on pcs, smart tvs, and tablets airtel data plan codes. I have listed the full list of airtel data plan code for android, iphone and pcs. All airtel data plans 2020, subscriptions, and prepaid. There is a daily data subscription for 30mb data cap for n100. It ensures that you enjoy up to 100% bonus on your data subscriptions, activation and renewals. It is the cheapest of all other networks night plans. Airtel has an array of data bundle bouquets on offer which any airtel customer can choose from depending on the customers data need. Airtel data bundle plan and subscription codes premium.

Since am writing about the airtel android data plans and subscription codes, i would also want to include the top best 3 android plans offered by airtel nigeria. Airtel unlimited data plans this post contains everything you need to know about the airtel unlimited data plans. Airtel night plan internet bundle and subscription codes. Airtel data plan, subscription code, price, balance check. Android, iphone, pc, mac, and laptops that have internet connectivity capabilities. Youll need this list to be able to use airtel data bundle instead of browsing the internet. It starts with the 2gb plan that goes for n2,000 and extends to the. We will also have a section on how to check airtel data balance. Here are airtel data plans and subscription codes for phones iphones and android phones and laptops. In this article, we present updated information airtel data plan bundle and subscription codes for 2019. Airtel do not have normal data bundle plans cheaper than the ones weve discussed in the links above, so if youre still interested in knowing all their data bundle plans, prices and activation codes continue with the table below. Weekly opera mini bundle get 50mb worth of data for one 1 week.

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